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June 44 - 116th Reg., C Co.
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116th Reg., 1st Bn., C Co. - Group Critique Notes - June 1944

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When the first platoon was within thirty yards of the gun without seeing it, the machine gun opened up. Lieutenant Schwartz, S/Sgt. Ted F. Mouray, and Pfc. Leo King were killed and Pfc. James Page was wounded. The remainder of the platoon fired into the hedge. When the machine gun ceased firing the men moved forward to find the German gunner dead. Four other Germans tried to flank the platoon, but several grenades were thrown at them – killing two and causing the remaining two to surrender.

The capture of the machine gun occupied about thirty minutes. Just at the conclusion of this time a company of the 5th Ranger Battalion joined C Company.

Lieutenant Colonel Metcalf, Battalion. C.O. sent word forward for the company to remain in their present position while the battalion reorganized. The company remained here until dark then dug in.

During the day there was some small arms fire and artillery. About three platoons of tanks and some motor vehicles moved into the position.

Casualties for the day were about one officer killed, one wounded. Ten to fifteen enlisted men were wounded, five were killed.