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June 44 - 116th Reg., M Co.
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116th Reg., 3rd Bn., M Co. - Group Critique Notes - June 1944

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He signaled Moore to bring the men on. The Company was supposed to move boat teams to an assembly area. They proceeded as such. Two of the teams took the route chosen by Cooper. The other four moved around to the right. (See overlay) All headed toward St Laurent. The 1st Boat Team met only sniper fire enroute, eliminated it as the need arose, and reached the village in mid-afternoon. The 2nd Boat team got there with them – intact, not having lost a man. The 3rd team lost one man to an anti-personal mine but the otherwise was complete on reaching the rendezvous, having captured three snipers and shot several others along the way. The 4th team followed Cooper and fell in behind the 16th Infantry unit for part of the way. In crossing a large filed, this column became engaged, and the 16th lost 4 killed and 8 wounded to bullet fire. The team from "M" lost none. This engagement held them up for four hours. The 16th then turned left and the team went on to St Laurent without further opposition. The 6th team contacted elements of "L" on the hill and got to St Laurent a little after noon. It then proceeded on to the next hill where it came in check under heavy automatic and rifle fire. They put 10 rounds of mortar fire on the position, but it had slight effect. They then back-tracked and started around the flank but were again checked by fire. The team returned to St Laurent, having lost one man killed and one wounded during the afternoon.

The 6th team, which had started on the more exposed position at the left flank, had the least luck. It had lost Lieutenant John W. Ballinger, boat team leader, Sgt Thomas B. Turner, section leader, and Sgt Wm Dula – Killed on the Beach. "It suffered all the way from lack of organization." (Sgt Anderson) The team lost 2 men to snipers going up the hill, then moved directly into a mine field and lost two killed and one wounded. In the next field they were checked by a machine gun and one man was wounded. In the field after that one an 88 shell burst over them, killing one man and wounding four. It reached St Laurent during the afternoon. Cooper’s group made contact with 1st Division elements just before reaching St Laurent and a short distance farther on, met a group from 116-2. They were in touch with these people during the night. "M" had lost 25 men during D-Day. It had 115 men ready for duty on D plus on morning.