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Bruce J. HOBBS
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Bruce J. HOBBS

Private First Class

29th Infantry Division

175th Infantry Regiment

2nd Battalion

H Company


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I crossed the channel and landed three days after D-day, “D+3”, DUCKS hanging over the sides.  The crossing took only about 40 minutes, so there wasn’t time to think about anything other than being prepared to land. Some of my buddies left four days before D-day from Lands End, over 300 miles from where my crossing occurred, and were supposed to be among the first to land in the Invasion, but rough seas with four-foot waves prevented their landing. Many who did try to land were drowned in sinking DUCKS, or shot by German gunfire before they reached shore. By D+3 the landing was quiet. We climbed the hill and proceeded to the first replacement depot without a shot being fired. At the replacement depot, we slept in our own pup tents, marching two hikes a day, usually a total of about ten miles. Sometimes we actually marched in a circle around the barbed wire enclosure of the camp, returning for supper. After dark, we were picked up by trucks and taken to an ammo depot back on the beach, where we loaded 155 artillery shells on trucks until dawn, when we were returned to the replacement depot, where we were fed and then resumed marching. The hedgerows cost a lot of casualties. The Germans were there about a year before the Allies.  From “H” Company, I was loaned to “F” Company to stand guard at night, because “F” Company had only four men left. That is close to a 100 percent casualty rate. The first night I was on loan to “F” Company, a German dropped a concussion grenade over the hedgerow, and the Sergeant quickly threw it back over. It exploded on the other side. It was very quiet the rest of the night. Read more ...